My name is Deborah Ahern-Ridlon
I have been involved with the breed since 2002 when I puchased my first Ridgeback.  Little did I know at the time that it would become a passion that I would completely fall in love with.  Encouraged by my first breeder,  I began to show.  It was a learning process that took me from the show ring to the obedience ring and onto the lure coursing field.  I've had the time of my life with this amazing breed.  We have traveled as far west as California and as far south as Florida enjoying the sport and the love of spending time with our dogs and some special people.
It's been many years since that wonderful breeder trusted me with one of her beautiful puppies and I have gone on  to ultimately breed myself.  My journey into and through the world of dog showing, obedience, performance and ultimately breeding has been a slow progression.  My reason for breeding is to improve the future generations of Ridgebacks.  My dogs are all health tested for recommended screens by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.  I also do other relevant testing.  My aim is to protect this beautiful breed by adhering to a strict standard that defines the breed.  my hope is that every litter of puppies will be better than the one before it.  Temperament and health are first, structure follows because without a solid temperament and good health there cannot be a sound animal no matter how "pretty" he looks.
Teddy and his sister Sugar Lily out for a romp